The following provides answers to our commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please give us a call.

How do I register to play an adult sport?
You must register as a team to play OPC adult sports. One team member needs to register the team and serve as a contact person with OPC.
Can I sign up as an individual and be placed on a team?
Not at this time. OPC has looked into creating a free-agent roster for adult team sports, however, the response has been limited.
Does my team need need to have a sponsor?
Teams are not required to have a sponsor to participate. Most teams seek out sponsors to help offset registration costs and/or costs of uniforms.
Will OPC help me find a sponsor for my team?
No. OPC does not help teams with locating sponsorships. OPC will, however, provide you with information and an invoice for your sponsor.
Does OPC pay for my adult team to play in a tournament?
OPC does not pay for any team to play in an invitational, district, state, or national tournament. OPC does hold a tournament at the end of each season for the top teams in the league.
What does the winning team(s) receive?
OPC generally provides trophies to the league winner, league tournament champion, and league tournament runner-up. Other prizes, such as T-shirts, may be awarded also.