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LLO 2015 Summer Schedule

**Minor Changes
Line Dancing: 1-2PM
Yoga with Stevie: 9:15-10:15AM


Oxford City Pool 2015 / Swim Lesson Descriptions

Oxford City Pool Hours 2015


Swim Lesson Descriptions


White Fish I- This level is designed for children who have never had swim lessons before and are generally afraid of the water.  Children in this class may be very young and are most likely going to be apprehensive about putting their faces in the water, floating, blowing bubbles, etc.  The purpose of White I is to help children understand safety around the water and to build their comfort level in the water.  Children in these classes will also begin to learn basic water skills.  Students should be able to perform skills with support from their teacher.  Students enrolled must be 4 years old.


White Fish II- Children in White Fish II class must be able to successfully perform all of the skills required to exit the White Fish I class.  Generally, students in this class will be more comfortable in the water than White Fish I students, but still haven’t developed strokes.  Apprehension in the water should be totally relieved for the student to progress Red Fish.  White Fish II continues learning basic water skills and they should be able to perform some skills without support from their teacher.  Suggested age for Red Fish is 7 years old.


Red Fish-  In order to progress to the Red Fish class, a student must have successfully completed both White Fish I and II or be able to successfully perform all the required skill of these classes.  Ted Fish will begin learning strokes and breathing techniques.  They should not be apprehensive in the water and should be able to perform skills independently.  As with the other classes, Red Fish should not progress to the next level until all skills are successfully completed.  Suggested age for Red Fish is 7 years old. 


Blue Fish- This is a class for older, more advanced swimmers.  Children should have no fear of the water and should be willing to participate in all activities during a lesson.  Blue fish instructors will continue to teach stroke techniques while helping to perfect strokes.  Blue Fish students should be able to perform floats, strokes and breathing patterns comfortably and easily and won’t be able to progress to Rebel Fish without doing so.

Suggested age for Blue Fish is 9 years and older.


Rebel Fish- Rebel Fish is generally for those students who have learned strokes and need to perfect them.  Students in Rebel Fish are ready to customize a personal swimming program.  Instructors may teach diving, fitness swimming, competitive swimming techniques, water safety skills, treading water, etc.  Suggested age for Rebel Fish is 9 years and older.


Angel Fish- This is the most advanced course in the Learn to swim program.  Students enrolled in this class should be able to perform all of the skills in Rebel Fish and want to learn more competitive swimming techniques.  Students who want to participate in Angel Fish must take a swim test or be referred by a teacher in order to be enrolled.  Suggested age for Angel Fish is 10-13 years old.


Adult- Adult classes are generally for beginning adult swimmers, but intermediate and advanced adult classes may be added to the Learn to swim program based on the need for classes. 


Tennis Master Plan

Love All, Serve All

A Proposal By the OPC To Double the City’s Tennis Court Capacity And Create New Economic Opportunities for Sports Tourism Through Development of the John Leslie Tennis Facility

Sign the petition to show your support

As Oxford has grown, so has its love of the game of tennis. Without it, the level and sophistication of leisure recreation in the city would not be what it is today for the ever-increasing number of youths and adults who take part in both instructional programs and league play. For every player wishing to secure one of the only (12) city courts currently available for a match or a practice session, there are others who often must wait for a game.


This consistently high recreational usage of municipal courts is a measure of the success of the Oxford tennis program at every level, yet it also presents a problem to be addressed in assuring that there continues to be an adequate number of courts for players both now and in the future. In order to address this pressing issue, the Oxford Park Commission is proposing a major new development to the current John Leslie Tennis facility that would meet this greater demand while creating new economic opportunities that, in effect, serve all of the citizens of Oxford. 


The proposal calls for the construction of twelve (12) new courts –– effectively doubling the city’s present number  –– along with a championship court, practice court, gathering places, park overlook, more than one hundred (100) parking spaces, and a new tennis clubhouse complete with changing rooms, bathrooms and a covered terrace.


The Oxford Park Commission would use this facility to offer instructional play for both youths and adults, create league play for adults and junior team tennis, provide a home court for Oxford High School tennis, stimulate economic growth in the community through the hosting of state and regional tournaments, and most of all, create more opportunities for area citizens to enjoy tennis as a leisure-time activity.

Officials and Score Keepers Needed

We are currently looking for Coaches, Officials, and
Scorekeepers for our Soccer, Flag Football, and Basketball leagues. Pay starts at $10/game.

Officials and Score Keepers
Officials & Scorekeepers start at $10/game with a mandatory training
session required.

Coaches are volunteers and must:
Be positive
Be a good role model Facilitate practices once a week
Be at all games throughout each season

Don’t hesitate even if you don’t have experience. We will provide clinics and
meetings to help YOU!

For more information, contact OPC office at 662-232-2380 or register
online at Youth Sports
Guitars needed
We need your old, working guitars to share with kids who would like to learn to play, but can not afford an instrument.
Call Sam Pryor at (662) 816-9613 for more information.